Learning The Secret To Writing Your Content Quickly

This is going to sound really stupid but the secret to writing is well…to write! Yep it’s as simple as that.

Sit down and write…Don’t check your email…Don’t search the web…Don’t get distracted with Facebook or other stuff.. Just sit down and write. Yeh easy to say or write (pardon the pun) you might ask, so how can you start?

The best and easiest way, for me anyway…..ask yourself a question.

If you’re writing about golf, you might ask yourself…

”What’s the best tips for improving your long drive?”

And then guess what…simply answer that question for yourself. More often than not the same answer is exactly what someone else is looking for. You can answer it as if you are writing an email to someone…making it sound personal and right at the person as if they are your friend. Give it the appearance that you are right there with them, one on one speaking right to them. People like that.

What would you tell them?

Do you have any stories to demonstrate on what you are talking about? It doesn’t have to be perfect. You are just giving them a response to their question.

This is the easiest way to write an email. Start with a question and then the rest of your email is about answering it.

You can use this trick to start and answer on any topic…there are no barriers to hold you back here.

If you were writing a book, you wouldn’t start every page with a question but you can initially start with a question, answer it, and when you come back to edit and check, just remove or adjust the question part and keep the text in a flowing manner.

Too often we have a “talking” voice and a formal “writing” voice. That’s really a wrong shift. Instead, try to write like you speak…after all, you’re simply talking on paper.

Speak to them as if the person is standing right in front of you. You’re giving them step by step directions to get them from their desperate situation to your unique promise that you have to offer them.

Don’t let yourself get overwhelmed with your first draft, take the pressure off as no one is going to see it. Trying to hit the mark of creating a masterpiece on your first run will stop you dead in your tracks. Don’t stutter… just start writing. Don’t edit and don’t worry about getting it right first time initially.

Good writing is communicating your message. Don’t try to add big words if that’s not how you speak.

Beginner copywriters almost always write copywriterese. It’s a language where everything is like a “Never-Before-Seen-Amazing-Breakthrough.” It looks like an explosion of power words but here’s the thing, …as they get more experienced, they quit trying so hard and write what comes out much more naturally.

Great sales copy is almost invisible. The reader gets caught up in the message and story and they then find themselves reading a couple of pages before they even notice.

I can even bet that you have come across a ‘bad copy’ of writing that stands out right in front of you. It’s out of place. It just doesn’t feel right. This is what you are trying to avoid.

So basically…

The secret to writing….is write naturally that is YOU. Your readers will appreciate it and realize that you are a real genuine person that has their interest at heart and they will thank you for it.

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