Learn How To Trade Forex And Live The Dream If you’re thinking about trading forex and using it as a profession then watch these two videos below. Andrew Mitchem explains what he does and how, with his The Forex Trading Coach Course, he has helped many people throughout the worldRead More →

CCI Daily Non-Lagging System Another simple forex trading strategy and even though it says daily in the title it can be used on other time frames. The Forex Factory Forum Thread starter, starts a little cryptic at first but on the second page he shares the indicator with his settings.Read More →

20 Pips Daily Predator The basis of this strategy is not new and is basically a Break Out strategy but within a time slot that the forum thread starter discovered in his trading. It only has one indicator but you can easily use the Fibonacci Levels indicator to enhance theRead More →

Forex Trading Money Management and Lot Size Positioning Money Management in forex trading is the same as any financial investment philosophy. Don’t risk what you can’t afford and only risk what you can live without. That’s the real number one rule but we have strategies and rules that we putRead More →

Trading Psychology – Very Important To Understand Below I have added a number of videos from Andrew Mitchem explaining a little about psychology in trading. They are short and sweet and Andrew imparts his thoughts and uses his experience from his trading to give an insight on how to understandRead More →

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Forex Trading Brokers image Mike Cohen https://creditscoregeek.com To trade forex you will need to have a broker. Pretty much common sense right? But there are so many brokers online that it is difficult to find the right one that suits your needs. I’m here to help in this regard. AllRead More →