A new style of Forex Trading Robot has been released by Andrew Mitchem and it is called Forex TFTC Pattern Trader Bot. It is nothing like you have ever seen before when it comes to automated forex trading.

Andrew Mitchem is a well-known Forex Trading Mentor that has helped many new, experienced and struggling FX traders with his 5 star online training course. Andrew’s, The Forex Tarding Coach Course was the one that turned my FX trading around and turned me into a successful profitable trader.

Andrew has now implemented his 10 year profitable strategy into an automatic and semi-automatic (traders choice between either) forex trading robot that he has named TFTC Pattern Trader Bot. The Bot has been released to his members in May 2020 showing some amazing result in just 2 months and Andrew has now made it available to the general public.

In June members have produced varied results with some gaining 20% into their accounts. The results vary because some members designed their own style of Bots to fit their own risk trading criteria and this is just one of the fantastic features that Andrew and his team have implemented into the Bots algorithm trade searching software. I know that sounds weird but the TFTC Pattern Trader Bot is a unique piece of software and I will explain how it all works further down in detail.

If you want to save some time you can visit the TFTC Pattern Trader site and watch Andrew’s video.

You can sign up for the basic version for testing purposes for free.

Andrew has made it possible to sign up for a free version so you can test it out for searching past results with your own input criteria or use Andrew’s ready-made successful Bots, and you can get a feel of how simple the Bot is easy to set up. Play around at no cost.

Once you see the amazing possibilities you are able to chose between the very affordable monthly package that suits your needs. The first package starts at $49 and the highest package is $249, with the most popular among st members being the $149 package. Each package has its extra advantages and it is very easy to upgrade or downgrade depending on what you’d like and how you’d like to trade. Still, even the $249 package is very affordable and is suited to traders with more than one forex account.

I suggest to go and watch Andrew’s video on the site and then come back to my article and read below for a detailed explanation of the Bots features and images and some images of members results.

A Little On Andrew Mitchem

Andrew has been trading for over 20 years and has gained a high respectful reputation in the forex world. His world-class online course has received rave reviews on Forex Peace Army ( a site that has reviews on just about everything to do with trading) from many happy clients and members and is regarded as a Giant on Forex Peace Army. To be named a Giant on FPA you have to be doing something right for a consistent length of time. He is well respected and has taught many traders all over the world.

What is the TFTC Pattern Trader Bot?

A brand new, simpler way of trading the Forex market.

That’s the headline on the site and below I will detail some of the features that Andrew and his team have developed and added into this amazing piece of software.

Over many months of developing and testing, Andrew and his team of technicians have developed an algorithm based on Andrew’s highly proven and profitable TFTC trading strategy. That strategy has been implemented into a fantastic piece of software producing outstanding and unbelievable test result using over 10 years of real broker data.

The TFTC Pattern Trader Bot can be implemented as a signal provider, sending messages of setups through telegram, where you can then decide to take the trade or not, or you can run it on autopilot where the software integrates into your Meta Trader 4 Platform account and places trades… An important point here..WITHOUT NEEDING A VPS…another great and cost saving feature. For those that understand about what a VPS is, this is a real winner in its own.

Here’s a snap of something to be in awe of… These are yearly % returns results of testing some TFTC Pattern Traders trade selections with input requirements.

I think you can agree that the results are very impressive and this is a back test starting with a $10000 balance from 2011 and compounding until May 2020. The results you see are from using Andrews ready-made setup bots and you will be able to play around with software for free to see these amazing results yourself and also make your own Bots to see what results you can produce with your own designs.

The software is an algorithm that searches potential trades using the input data from Andrews original strategy…but with a bit of a twist. The algorithm is not like a normal Expert Adviser, (current style of robot that MT4 & MT5 use) but the TFTC Pattern Trader Bot has a self learning function that uses the 10 years of past broker data to determine on the levels of probabilities for a potential trade to be successful.

That’s a lot to take in right!

This is what makes the Bot different from the rest of the auto trading products available.

The past data that comes from a real broker has been implemented into the Bot and the Bot uses an algorithm to crunch the data to determine and decide on:

  • is the trade pattern setup viable?
  • because of past history, what is the % chance of the pattern setup for hitting a target?
  • because of past history price distance movement of the pattern, can it do it again?
  • because of the past history of the pattern setup, what should be the best position size for the trade?
  • because of the past history pattern setup, where should the target be? (here you can give the Bot the choice of choosing the best possible Fibonacci levels for the target)
  • because of the past history pattern setup, where should the stop loss be? ( again, the same as above. You determine on what choice you can give the Bot on deciding?

These are a few of the critical details that are input to make the Bots.

Andrew and his team have already setup tried and tested Bots that are ready to use and connect to your Telegram to give notification of a trade. From there you are able to decide on whether to take the trade or not. Alternatively you are able to connect the Bot right into your Meta Trader 4 Platform for auto trading and have the trades placed and taken automatically. You will still get notification on Telegram that a trade has been found and order placed on your account platform. The integration into your MT4 Platform is done without the need of a VPS, which is commonly used for normal EA FX robots and an extra cost. All of this is included with the Automated monthly package.

Basically, you have total control of how you want to take the trades.

These already setup Bots are the same that most of the members use already with outstanding results.

Image of Ready Made Bots page

But here’s the thing…. You can build and design your own TFTC Pattern Trader Bot by using the easy to use dashboard where you can navigate to the in-built Bot Factory, checking off the criteria you want like:

  • Markets…. what pairs do you want to trade
  • Time Frames… what time frames do you want the bot to search for trades on
  • Patterns… what patterns do you want the bot to search for
  • Trend… what trends do you want he bot to search for
  • Order… how do you want the order placed… Market or Retracement and at what Fibonacci level for the retracement
    • what Fibonacci level do you want the Stop Loss placed
    • what Fibonacci level do you want the Target placed
  • Risk… what Risk mode do you want… % of your account, fixed $ amount, Lot size or a Dynamic % of you account
    • what Exposure Limits do you want… Maximum Open Orders at one time, Maximum Open orders per Symbol.
  • Expectancy… what Expectancy do you want… Setups with your desired Expectancy, Setups with your desired % Win Rate, Setups with you desired Confidence % of Success
  • Test… test your strategy selections to see how it would have gone with the 10 years of data
  • Deploy… keep the Bot and strategy to either run live on autopilot or just to see if the forward trading results will be the same as the back testing

Image of the start of the making your own Bot in the Bot Factory

To make your own Bot you simply check off the requirements on each page and easy to follow steps and then you can run a detailed back test to see if your input data would have made money and what type of results were gained. Using all the live broker past data and your criteria the Bot back tests and produces a report showing the results. After a look and quick study, you can decide whether you want to make a few changes and adjustments to see if you can make any improvements.Once, happy with the input criteria you can deploy the Bot to start sending signals to your Telegram or run the Bot on Autopilot where it still notify s you and places the orders on your account platform.

But for an even a simpler method, you can just use Andrews ready-made bots as they are or even adjust them a bit and start right away. What some members are doing is using both ready setup Bots and also adding their own designer Bots and run them all together. There are so many options that can be decided upon and as you get more familiar with the Dashboard and Bot Factory you can make and blend and adjust and deploy and improve the Bots to your desired requirements.

Results Page Report Features

Naturally you are going to want to see a report on how the strategies would have performed. Below are the detailed information points for checking. You get these details of how your account is going with the live traded results in your Trading Journal as well once you upgrade from the free package. Andrew and his team have thought everything.

Results Test Page features include: (image further below)

  • A Graph… Here you will see the $ or % returns (your choice) in depth on the results in a chart format on these topics:
    • Running Balance by 1 months, 3 months, 6 months, YTD, 1 Year, All… here you can see how the tested past result is still running and in your Trading Journal you can see your current running balance.
    • Yearly Performance by $ Value or % Value… same as above, past and your Bots running performance
    • Monthly Performance by $ Value or % Value… same as above but in the past tests you can see which months performed better than others.
    • Monthly Average Results… same as above and same with comparing which months were better than others.
    • And just recently added, Date, Weekday and Hour… so you can really drill down on were the best trading times may be.
  • No. of Trades… taken over the 10 years with the strategy of the Bot, or in your Journal the No. of trades taken
  • P & L… over the 10 years, or in your Journal, your current P & L
  • % Return… over the 10 years, or in your Journal your current % Return
  • Annualized Return %… for the 10 years and same for your Journal of your trades
  • Volatility %…
  • Drawdown in $ and % Value… this is a great feature because if you think the drawdown % is too high for your liking on the back test, you can go back and adjust the risk amount to bring the drawdown to your preferred level. Of course this will affect other aspects of the strategy but you can adjust and test as many times as you like until your happy.
  • Stagnation Period… This numbers means the number of days that it took for the account to get back to its highs.
  • Sharpe Ratio… This is good info on how good the strategy performed. A figure above 1 is considered good in financial terms and anything higher than is even better than good. Andrews ready-made Bots that I have tested are above 1.5 and some higher.
  • Win %… this represents how many trades were winners against the number of trades taken
  • Average Win and Average Loss… of trades taken over the 10 years tested period.
  • R:R… Risk to Reward or some say Reward to Risk. I was taught Reward to Risk but it basically means if your return was $2 and you risked $1 to get it then the figure is 2:1 return. The TFTC Pattern Trader R:R that I have tested are around the 2.5:1 and higher, which is outstanding in trading terms.
  • Expectancy… what the Expected result was. This number will reflect very close to what you chose in the Bot setup criteria.
  • Return/DD... Return against the Drawdown
  • Profit Margin %… over the 10-year tested term and how the PM % is going in your Journal of Bots you are using.

The report is a very comprehensive results data information sheet where, you can work out and then decide on what Bots you want to use and deploy. You can select, change and adjust the input criteria as many times as you need, run, test and study as many times as you need. Each time producing a new report. Once happy with what you want and expect to achieve, you can then save the Bot and deploy it when you’re ready to start letting the Bot search for trades..

For each setup and report that I produced, I screenshot it and then saved if for comparison.

And as mentioned a few times above. You will get a Running Detailed Performance sheet for every Bot you want to Deploy in your own Journal in your Dashboard.

Now, just because you Deploy a Bot, it doesn’t mean that it is trading for you. Deployed means that you are wanting the Bot to send the trade setups to you and then you can either take the trades or not, but the information is gathered so that you can decide to use it or not in the future because it was profitable. Hope that makes sense…

Main Dashboard and Training Help

What I explained above is what I think the most fantastic features of TFTC Pattern Trader Bot, but I guess you might be asking… Well how will I learn how to do all this stuff?”

Well, as mentioned above, Andrew and his team have thought of everything.

Inside the Main Dashboard you have:

  • Home Dashboard… where you will see a ledger of the bots you have selected and deployed (remember, not connected to your MT4 Acc unless you have selected them to be connected)
  • My Bots… the Bots you have made and selected
  • My Trading Journal… where you will see the results sheet with graph and details of the results from your deployed Bots
  • My Trading Accounts… where you will see your TFTC Pattern Trader Account No. of your free Virtual $10000 Demo Account for the Bot to use for placing their trades on. You don’t need to even think or worry about this as it is all setup and ready to go. Here you will also see where your Bots are connected and integrated into your own live MT4 Platform. NO VPS REQUIRED…. this is a huge plus.
  • Bot Factory... Andrew’s ready-made and setup Bots and then when you make your own, they will be here as well.
  • Training Videos… an excellent selection of training videos explaining everything from start to finish so you will be able to make, setup, deploy the Bots and on how to connect everything… Telegram and MT4 Platform.
  • Trouble Shooting Guide… a Google Doc with steps to take in case you get stuck somewhere.
  • Quick Start Guide… a Google Doc with information on getting going quickly and smartly.
  • Info Page… that doesn’t have anything on it at the moment but I guess it will be for something in the future
  • Help and Support… at the very bottom of the page with links to the Quick Start Guide, FAQ and Email Support.

There is one thing I must say. Andrew has a dedicated forum for The Forex Trading Coach membership where we share trade calls and discuss the possibilities of trades setting up, mainly for the course taught strategy. But included is also a dedicated thread for the TFTC Pattern Bot where we can chat back and forward on what types of Bot setups we have made and results and ask questions for answers on anything to do with the Bot. I am not sure if Andrew will have this access for non-members but I know that he has a dedicated email support for answering and solving and problems that may arise.

But honestly, with all the Training Videos, Quick Start Guide and Trouble Shooting Info already in the product, it was easy for me to set it all up and I am not that tech savy. But it’s good to know that support is there to help in case you need it.

Hopefully Andrew will give some sort of access to the thread some-how, but here’s a thought, if you want to learn to trade a proper safe way, that has been profitable for me over the last 6 years or so then take the course as well. Then you will get access to the weekly live webinars where we take trades live and learn more, to the forum which is invaluable in its self and you are able to chat with Andrew and Paul on a daily basis if you want.

Basically, become part of a Successful Forex Trading Community that Andrew has put together over that last 11 years or so. You get a lot for a reasonable investment in your future and you can… Earn While You Learn… right from the start.

What else can I say…

Well, I think I’ve covered a fair bit… I’ve given a detailed description of what you get when you take a look at Andrew Mitchem’s Forex TFTC Pattern Trader Bot. You can test it out for free with Andrew’s ready-made Bots or even make your own designer Bots, giving you and showing you exactly what results could have been made over the past 10 years. The free version is exactly the same as the paid version except you can’t deploy and save your own Bots in the Bot Factory, but you will the idea of what it is all about.

For the different package details, go to the TFTC Pattern Trader Bot website and checkout what plan would suit you and your needs. I can tell you all the plans are very affordable as it has just been launched, but I am sure the price will increase at some stage. Click the banner below to go to the website and checkout the plans.

I leave you with a few pics of the members results that have been posted on the forum thread. One is even mine.

This last screenshot is excellent as it shows not only winning trades but also losing trades with excellent R:R. Small losses with bigger gains. That’s what trading is all about and that’s how Andrew’s TFTC online course teaches traders to trade manually.

If you want to take Andrew’s Forex Trading Course that turned me into a successful trader, click the join button below for and use the code JALBY and get $100 off the course. Tell him I sent you and he will look after you.

Happy Trading and regards


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