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7.5% account gain in ONE day with only 0.25% risk… Possible??

The Forex Trading Coach member Ryo, has shared his results on the TFTC private member’s forum showing how possible it is to use a successful strategy to make it in this tough industry of Forex. Below is a copy of his trade results and of what he has written as a post for to fellow TFTC member’s to show what can happen with persistence and time to learn the strategy. You may need to click on his results image and open it in a new tab to enlarge it but take note of the R:R on his results.

After Ryo’s post I have added other results from other member’s as well as my own, showing the outcomes of trades mentioned and discussed on the forum live before the trades were taken.

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Ryo’s Forum Results Post…

Hi Everyone,

Let’s start off with some realities shall we? Is this result an everyday occurrence? No. Is this result easy to get to? No. Is this result a fluke? No. Is this result achievable by anyone using the TFTC strategy? ABSOLUTELY YES.

This is my set of results at the end of the trading day on the 16th September 2021 (Thursday) which I wanted to share with everyone on what the TFTC strategy can achieve. Not intended to brag but rather, in hope to inspire traders who are feeling down, who are having doubts on the TFTC strategy or who just need a lift. You see, this isn’t even my best performing trading day and mind you, these are all trades taken on the Asian and European session only as I don’t trade the US session due to time differences. Imagine how much more can be achieved had I been able to add the trades on the US session to these!

Through this, there are a few key things that I have learnt and picked up through my journey thus far that had enabled me to achieve these results that I would like to share with everyone.

1) Low-risk trading is King

The trades that you see above are all taken at only 0.25% risk. Yes, had above been taken at 0.50% risk, the account gain for today would have been about 15%, at 1% risk, 30%.. and so forth. For me personally, I am a volume trader as you can see from the number of trades that Ive taken in just one day (some are of course weeklies that have closed today). However, I am a volume trader not because I trade recklessly. I am a volume trader because I have a strategy that enables me to see a trade and take a trade without hesitation and with absolute confidence, anytime of the day. The TFTC strategy allows traders to spot upwards of 20+ possible trades on any given day across all time frames in my experience thus far. Not all are tradable of course, but the trading opportunities are always there if you are willing to spend the effort to find them. Do I sit in front of my screen and look at charts all day? Absolutely not! I only look through the charts for trading opportunities at opportune times when a TF’s candle closes. It takes me no more than 10 – 15 mins each time to scan through everything and put in the trades I want. And exactly because I am a volume trader, that a low-risk strategy suits me perfectly. Risking just 0.25% each time allows me to trade without too much worry, as if the trades had lost, the losses I incur are minimal and can be made back quickly.

2) Proper Reward : Risk trading is Queen

Ok, so the king is important but so is the queen right? Absolutely. Every successful man they say, has an even more successful woman. Taking trades with only the proper R:R that you seek is key to being a profitable trader. Low risk is important, yes, but you will get nowhere if all the trades are taken at a 1:1 or lesser Reward to Risk ratio. For me personally, the lowest R:R for any trade I will go for is 1.5:1 R:R. Any lower, the trade will need to have an extremely good setup. Use the Fibs that is taught by the TFTC. Placing orders at the 78.6 and 61.8 fib levels and the subsequent stop losses at 38.2 or 23.6 levels solves the R:R issue instantly without hassle and without having to calculate anything. Just use the Fibs as taught by TFTC.

3) Don’t be a Fear of Missing Out (FOMO) trader is Jack

What’s that? Yes I hear you loud and clear that you have missed trades by placing retracement entries instead of going for market orders. Look at it this way, if you missed the trade, true that you did not profit if it hits the TP, but it is also true that you did not lose any capital by going into the trade with lackluster R:R and then hitting your stop loss. Most market orders offers lackluster R:R and you are forced to place stop losses at the 61.8 or 50.0 fib levels or even higher, to get decent R:R. These levels, especially the 61.8 level are retracement levels which price tends to hit and reverses, hence they are not the most ideal locations in my opinion, for stop losses because it tends to be hit more often than not. If you miss a trade because it did not retrace to a proper R:R level, let it go, there are many more trades somewhere else.

4) Reduce your risk even more during a bad patch is the Joker

Everyone goes through bad patches in trading, me too and more often than not, how you deal with these episodes will determine whether you can turn the tide or be drowned in it. So what can we do to go through such bad times? The worse thing one can do is to stop trading and “come back tomorrow and it may be better”. No, my suggestion is always to continue trading when you see a good setup but to turn down the risk taken even further. Trading to me is a momentum thing as much as it is a technical skill. Momentum in trading enables one’s mind to remain focused and to continue training the mind to see and place trades. It also allows one who is going through bad patches to ride the tide, experience the survival and see daylight once again. If you “take a break”, how will you know when is your tide going to turn? Market conditions are dynamic, no one can know for sure when it will be good or bad, so trust me, just keep on trading and it will come good eventually. That said, you need something mild to ride through the bad times right? Reduce your risks. For me, I take only 0.125% risk per trade during bad times and frankly, the amount of $$ loss through that 0.125% risk is really not something to be bothered about. Yes your gains will be reduced as well, but you ARE going through a bad patch remember? On a smaller account, the 0.125% if lost, is rather insignificant I feel, but it enables one to keep the momentum going and to see “green lights” galore once again. Be the Joker during a bad patch, don’t be a clown.

That’s all I have for now and I hope my sharing is useful.

Happy trading everyone.


IF you would like to see an interview of Ryo with Andrew explaining his journey with trading, go to The Forex Trading Coach website, scroll over the About tab and Testimonials and you will see it there.

Other TFTC Trading Results…

The following images are other results achieved by fellow member’s including some of mine. Yes, they are all winning trades and yes they are just cherry picked from the forum not showing losing results, but I implore that we do certainly have losing trades and losing days… not all days are winners for sure.

These results were posted on the forum with their respective chart images showing the details of the Entry, SL and TGs but I cannot show the charts as they are in the private members area. Do yourself a favour, learn about The Forex Trading Coach Course and join us. The link is above.


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Hope to see you in the forum and to your success.


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