Simple Forex Trading Strategies

On this page you will find links to other articles explaining and describing some forex strategies. Some of these strategies I have tried and still use but others are still profitable strategies but not to my kind of style of trading.

It doesn’t mean that they don’t work, but they are just not for me. Perhaps they will work for you and in your time slot for trading.

I will be placing links to where you will be able to get further information on the strategies described and I will give credit to the people that came up with the strategy or system if I am able to.

I do use a few strategies but my core money maker is The Forex Trading Coach strategy and you will find details for the course on my website or click the image below to go to Andrew Mitchems website and introduce yourself. Just tell him I sent you and he will look after you and if you wish to take the course, mention the code JALBY and you will get $100 off the cost.

Monthly Profit – Daily Trading using SMA

Williams%R, SAR X-over 15 Minute Candles

20 Pips Daily Predator

CCI Daily Non-Lagging System