Learn How To Trade Forex And Live The Dream

If you’re thinking about trading forex and using it as a profession then watch these two videos below. Andrew Mitchem explains what he does and how with his, The Forex Trading Coach Course, he has helped many people throughout the world to help set themselves up financially and just have a better quality of life in general. I am one of these people and my interview with Andrew is the second video.

I won’t go on anymore as just to say that if you’re serious at wanting to make forex trading a part of, or all of your income, then taking Andrews online course will put you on the best foundation and point you in the right direction.

Just a note, Andrew may mention a promotion within the video but it has since expired but if and when you contact him, just let him know that I sent you and use the code JALBY and you will save $100 from the course. Enjoy the videos.

Please read the Disclaimer Page to fully understand the risk involved with forex trading and trading in general.

Trading Forex and Living the Dream 

March 31, 2019

Interview With Me, John Alberghini

I was a little nervous at the start….lol

March 28, 2019

I hope you enjoy the videos and they may help you to think about trading forex the correct way. Feel free to leave a comment or if you have and questions you can reach out to me by email at jalbytrades@hotmail.com.



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