Money Management in Forex Trading

Forex Trading Money Management and Lot Size Positioning

Money Management (MM) in forex trading is the same as any financial investment philosophy. Don’t risk what you can’t afford and only risk what you can live without. That’s the real number one rule but we have strategies and rules that we put in place to not only protect us but also to enhance our returns so that they are more than what we risk and put on the line.

The method I learned of MM was to use a percentage of your account balance you are prepared to risk or lose when deciding on placing a trade. All of the courses that I attended taught the same and it is up to the individual on how much of a percent per trade that they wish to risk. I personally risk 0.25% and 0.5% of my Account Balance on any one trade depending on the quality and probability of the trade setup. Money management ties in with the Psychology of trading as well and getting the right money management to suit your style will help your Psychology and Emotions while trading. I can go on more but below are some videos explaining what should be done to keep in line with money management to turn you into a successful profitable trader.

If you’d like to discuss more then feel free to reach out by email but I am pretty sure you will get the understanding after watching the videos.

A younger Andrew Mitchem in the first video explains what he teaches his students from around the world about MM, and he mentions 48 countries which you’ll find it’s about 88 countries to date in 2021 and going strong, a true testament to how evergreen the strategy is. If you haven’t checked what Andrews, The Forex Trading Coach Course can do for you, then click on the join button below and make sure when you contact him to tell him that I sent you. If you decide to take the course, mention my, JALBY code and he will give you $100 off the cost.

I’ve added the date to each video so that you can see that the information is still relevant to this day. Enjoy the video selections.

Please read the Disclaimer Page to fully understand the risks involved with forex trading and trading in general

Forex Management Rules 

May 4, 2014

Calculating Correct Position Sizing 

May 13, 2018

Link for Andrews Free Lot Calculator. It is in the Free Training tab.

Having Separate Accounts 

This is a very good video explaining how much money you can invest in your forex trading account and a very good lesson to learn on what can happen with any broker.

Feb 3, 2019

Protecting Your Capital 

Nov 10, 2019

These are just a few fine videos about Money Management and proper trading through position sizing, reward to risk and fund diversification through a number of brokers. I hope you found them useful and if you’d like to learn more about trading and trading successfully, visit The Forex Trading Coach website and contact Andrew. Make sure you tell him I sent you and if you decide to take the course mention my, JALBY code and he will give you $100 off the cost.

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